Extraordinary Artists, Incomparable Art

You can see it. You can feel it. This is no ordinary place. The studio buzzes with undeniable energy from a group of artists who are certainly far from ordinary. Altogether there are more than 125 inspired artists with developmental disabilities. Each artist is unique. Each has his or her own story. Each is determined to not just make art, but to make a connection—from deep within their imagination straight to the heart and soul of those fortunate to experience their one-of-a-kind visual explorations. It starts with a blank sheet of paper, a sturdy wood board, a pristine stretched canvas, a lump of fresh clay. To these are added a clear vision and an unwavering visual voice. This is not therapy. It is an opportunity. To learn, teach, grow, thrive and flourish. This is what Visionaries + Voices is all about. Art and community. Community and art. And the best thing is, you can be a part of it. Your support makes all the difference. It makes everything we do possible. And in some small way, it makes our community—our particular slice of the world, and yours—a better, more extraordinary place.


Annual Appeal Brochure INSIDESTUDIOS: This Is Where the Magic Happens.

Our studio program is the centerpiece of the V+V experience. We offer the studios, supplies and support for artists. All told, these artists spend thousands of hours in Northside and Tri-County working in all media. Besides enhancing personal development through unique and expressive art, our studios impact an entire community of students, volunteers, collaborators, local artists, friends, and families.

EXHIBITIONS: The Walls Are Alive With the Sights of Creativity.

Our exhibition program is the key to connecting V+V artists to the community. The Northside Gallery is an outstanding space for displaying art and promoting artists at V+V. Accomplished V+V staff professionals, holding BFAs and MFAs, offer opportunities to curate, install and sell work. We also partner with local, regional and national galleries to increase the exposure of artists who work at the V+V studios and their artwork.

EDUCATION: Educating the Community.

Literally. V+V’s Teaching Artist Program [TAP] supports artists who are interested in teaching or speaking about their work. The program provides intensive, individualized training for each participant in the areas of public speaking, professionalism, classroom management, lesson planning, student teaching and artist statement composition. Artists who complete the program go on to teach hands-on art lessons of all ages and abilities. Since January 2015, artists have worked with over 3,000 students in 30 different schools + community centers!

ESTIMATED FY16 BUDGET: Money Changes Everything. Even Perceptions.

V+V is in part funded by local developmental disability agencies. While we are grateful for this support, a financial underpinning since our founding in 2003, we have not had a rate increase in that 12-year period. Today, with 350% more artists using the studios than in 2003, private support is an absolute necessity. With your help, we can continue to challenge the perceptions of people with disabilities while we create a vibrant, inclusive arts community. Learn more about V+V, our mission and our community of artists by visiting our website at visionariesandvoices.com.


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