Megan Godsey’s profound understanding of perspective is all her own. The back of Casper the Friendly Ghost’s head, the green top of a carrot, and the hoof of her horse may be a few of her typical subjects, but remain intriguing. When her mother asked her why she made a pair of Garfield the Cat legs/paws blue (when the cat is so known for his orange fur), she said matter-of-factly “because he is cold today.” She was asked later why the bumblebee she made is green, and answered, “I like green bees just as well as yellow ones.” Megan is primarily am illustrator either using paint or marker to apply color. She often cuts out her drawings to make paper dolls, masks, or puzzles. She is also fond of ShrinkieDinks, sketching her idea onto special plastic-like paper and putting it into the toaster oven to watch it shrink and harden.