Jennifer Crowe approaches her work with an intense focus. Whether pushing oil pastels across paper, slicing drawings into pieces for assemblage or using glue to piece together a collage she always handles each material with determination. “I am trying to get a style to emerge by placing colors and shapes (squares, triangles, circles) where I want them. I decide on the placement of color in my collages and gauge where each color should be.” Crowe’s work varies from stylized animals and figures, abstracted stained glass drawings to her recent collage work. Her animals and people often appear to Jennifer in narrative form, developing a story either before or after their completion on the page. The figures are “crunched” or distorted to fit the space on the page. “When drawing a person I envision a strait line. The visual imagery in my mind constructs a story.” Crowe’s stained glass drawings are more nonrepresentational, shapes that combine together to make an image that is abstracted from the recognized form. Crowe draws inspiration for these from the glass and bold colors common at Cincinnati’s Krohn Conservatory. The fragmentation in Jennifer’s work comes from her philosophy that “fragments of life get pieced together like a puzzle.” Her new collage work communicates this viewpoint brilliantly, the shapes, pieces and colors cut apart and reconstructed to form pieces refined in their splintered beauty.