In her paintings, artist Jackie Fisher weaves a spiderweb-like labyrinth, calling the gaze of her viewer to spiral with her toward the center of her canvas. These painted webs of abstract work could be viewed as landscape maps, detailing in the texture of her brushstrokes, rigid and dry terrain interrupted by moments of turquoise and violet placidity; brown mountain ranges taper off into wheat fields glistening beneath prairie skies. In comparison to these rather neutral-pallet paintings, Fisher is also known for her equally maze-like marker drawings of vibrant colors. These works remind me of the black, bold graphics of tribal tattoos inked onto skins of magenta + blue, lavender + citrus orange, or any other hue duo the artist pairs. Jackie, 25, says making art helps her clear her head. Born and raised in Cincinnati she has been a part of V+V for over 3 years and has recently graduated from the studio’s intensive Teaching Artist Program, sharing her passion and talent with students at local schools.