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We are proud to announce new staff hires and promotions throughout Visionaries + Voices. Be sure to introduce yourself or say hello the next time you are at a V+V exhibition, event, or community outreach program!

Exhibitions Director

Geoffrey “Skip” Cullen (pictured) joins V+V as Exhibitions Director, hired on to lead exhibitions from in-house shows-to exhibitions regionally, and beyond. He is currently planning V+V’s 2016-2017 exhibitions & events schedule.

Skip is a contemporary artist with work covering a range of subjects from economic systems, absurdity, and geometric formalism. He has shown work widely throughout the country and is a founding member of the Adobe Books and Arts Cooperative space in San Francisco. He moved back to Cincinnati in 2014 to start Wave Pool Gallery where he now serves as president of the board. Additionally, he is involved with CAMP (Camp Washington Mobile Art and Produce) which is a program that gives fresh produce out in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Camp Washington from their urban farm in an attempt to address issues of fresh food access in a “food desert.”


Danielle Bryant, came on board this spring as an account at V+V. She will be handling Accounts Payable/Receivable and has the important task of paying V+V artists their artwork commission checks!

Danielle graduated in 2009 from Wright State University. When asked for a short bio, she supplied this quote from Tom Petty -“She’s a good girl, loves being a momma, loves Jesus, and America too”.

Associate Director of Education

Casey Gries, has recently been promoted to Associate Director of Education from her previous role as Fine Art Specialist at V+V. She is charged with directing the TAP300 program this year which will focus on honing the skills and course offerings of graduates of V+V’s Teaching Artist Program.

Casey graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s school of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning in 2013 with concentrations in printmaking and ceramics. For the past 3 years, she has focused on developing her personal teaching philosophy and overall brand by leading a series of ceramics courses and founding a community critique group. She maintains a very active studio practice, and is currently working on a collection of ceramic sculptures which examine inanimate objects’ unique ability to store, maintain and recall our memories for us.

Education Coordinator

Julia Lipovsky has been promoted to V+V’s new Education Coordinator after making her mark as a dynamic studio coordinator in both the Tri-County and Northside studios. Her duties will include facilitating assignments for artists in V+V’s Teaching Artist Program in local schools and the community. Julia will also be managing the art classes that are offered at 21C every third Sunday of the Month/from 5-6:30 pm.

Julia is an interdisciplinary artist and writer from Cincinnati, and graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her work remains in a state of flux, celebrating the range of opportunities that exist in materials and through experimentation. She uses drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and collage as a means to investigate images and ideas through iteration. She is a firm believer in making multiples and has a soft spot for alliteration.

Grant Writer

Andy Marko began writing grant applications and grantor progress reports for V+V in early 2016. His initiatives included The ArtsWave Sustaining Impact Grant, the PNC Charitable Trust and the Louise Taft Semple Foundation.

Andy Marko is a conceptual artist who creates media art, performances, sound art and installations. He studied performance art, dance, music composition, theater and photography. Marko works with semantics and the Mini-Micro Cinema and he chaired the City of Cincinnati’s Arts Allocation Committee for four years. He was awarded an Individual Artist’s Fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council for his interdisciplinary artwork. Marko earned degrees in American History (B.A.) and Film (M.F.A.).

Studio Coordinator

Sunny Wilson began working last week at Tri-County as one of the newest Studio Coordinators to join the V+V team. Sunny is a familiar face in the studios, as she has been a dedicated volunteer and artistic collaborator for several years. You may remember auction lot #4 from Double Vision VI, a stunning mixed media hand-made book she collaborated on with Neil Dignan, and Polly Wilson. Sunny graduated from the University of Toledo.

Happy News from Robyn Winkler

We would like to congratulate Robyn Winkler, Director of Operations and Tri-County Studio Director on the birth of her twin baby boys – Asher & Bear!



Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016 from 5-8:00 pm

Inspired by the Cincinnati Comic Expo, S-Heroes is an exhibition of artwork focused on the concept of Heroes and Sheroes. This exhibition will explore and contrast a wide gamut of artwork from local artists and the V+V community. Each artist chosen for the exhibition has different means of recording, memorializing, or celebrating the idea of heroism. Abby Friend from Mobo Bicycle Coop will be exhibiting a one-of-a-kind moving bicycle sculpture. 

Come for the open studio next to the gallery where you can grab a drink, mingle, and have a chance to make your own hero art with a workshop by Carlos Perez and The Hero Design Company as well! Special guests from the Forealism-Tribe will be making an appearance. Also don’t miss the Super Ceramic Sale going on that evening in the studios. All characters welcome! Hope to see you there.





Photo and description from White Columns: Jackson’s exhibition comprises a group of large-scale text works made with ink markers on colored sheets of poster board. Each work consists of a sequence of consecutive sheets (ranging between ten and twenty-three individual drawings) that together form open-ended and free-associative narratives that draw from Jackson’s own biography (including references to specific locales and neighborhoods in his native Cincinnati), his quotidian daily routines (Dale works at a local Kroger supermarket), as well as illuminating his preoccupying interests in cars, travel, and popular music (and in particular the music of Motown and The Beatles.)
Typically completed in a single sitting, Jackson’s sequential drawings present a fragmentary, staccato-like form of story-telling where aspects of his daily life intersect with remembered scenes from movies and television shows or song lyrics. Despite being created as sequential works (e.g. each successive sheet in a multi-part work is identified as ‘Page 1’, ‘Page 2’, etc.) the individual drawings invariably close with the words ‘The End’, suggesting that each ‘text’ might be considered as an autonomous statement. At White Columns a group of individual drawings – no longer part of sequential works – are presented in a ‘stack’ like formation that the viewer is encourage to peruse.
Over the past few years Jackson has produced hundreds of such drawings and seen together they provide us with a vivid account of his life and the things that inspire him, in turn creating a ‘portrait’ – of sorts – of the artist. Filled with humor, humanity and pathos Dale Jackson’s work – despite its biographical specificity – ultimately speaks to something larger, more fundamental and perhaps even universal.

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