Administrative Staff

James Neidhard – Director of Development and Finance

Robyn Winkler – Director of Operations and Tri-County Studio Director

Karen Boyhen – Creative Director

Geoffrey “Skip” Cullen – Exhibitions Director

Tory Keith – Northside Studio Director

Marion Cosgrove Rauch – Education Director

Julia Lipovsky – Visionarium Manager

Seana Higgins – Educational Outreach Facilitator

Danielle Bryant – Accountant

Tri-County Studio Staff

Tim Bickett – Driver

Ron Brookbank– Studio Coordinator

Megan Miller – Studio Coordinator

Chris Potoka – Studio Coordinator and graphic designer 

Sunny Wilson – Studio Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator 

Northside Studio Staff

Tyler Bollinger – Studio Coordinator

Sarah Daigneault – Studio Coordinator

Brandi Maples – Studio Coordinator

Amy Minham – Studio Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator

Emmitt Rider – Studio Coordinator

Links to staff websites

Tyler Bollinger   Jewelry, stickers, buttons, lighters, design work.

Karen Boyhen   Editorial Illustration.

Geoffrey “Skip” Cullen   Conceptual art.

Seana Higgins  Fine arts and ceramics.

Tory Keith   Prints, drawings, videos, and installations.

Julia Lipovsky   Bold graphic screen prints.

Megan Miller   Large scale sculptures.