Sculpture Workshops 2015-2016

All workshops are adaptable K-12 and beyond and can be brought to your classroom! Please contact Jamie Muenzer in the Education Department for program costs and more information.



Animal Miniatures with Rosalind Bush

Students will learn about the papier-mâché work of Rosalind Bush and create their own sculpture using colored masking tape, aluminum foil and sharpies. By modifying the materials, students can create their own animal sculptures that resemble papier-mâché without the mess! • Sculpture, 3D, Paper Mache



Celluclay Fusion Animals with Holly Ebel (Multiple Sessions)

Tiger-fish? Cat-snakes? Dino-dogs? Holly Ebel stretches our ideas of what is possible with this sci-fi lesson. Studentsimagine two or more animal combination creations and then form, paint, and create sculptures using pulp-papier-mâché or Celluclay. • Fantasy, Animals, Sculptures



Super Soft Sculptures with Candi Branham

Students will create a soft sculpture in the style of Candi Branham, an artist who meticulously cuts out tiny pieces of fabric to use as her stuffing. Explore all the different materials that can be used to make something three dimensional and experiment with felt and fabric. • Soft Sculpture, Fiber Art



Papier-mâché Buildings with Diamond Snowden (Multiple Sessions)

Build a cityscape with Diamond Snowden! This lesson is inspired by Diamond Snowden’s passion for architecture, buildings, spaces, and places. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively during the material explorations, and ultimately create buildings that will contribute towards a collective cityscape. Participants can be newcomers or professionals to papier-mâché! • Architecture, Buildings, Collaboration


Fantasy Creatures with Sarah Sweeney (Multiple Sessions)

Students will create fantasy creatures out of clay using their imaginations, applying real and mythological characteristics. After these creatures are bisque fired and glazed, students will give their creatures a title as well as a 2-3 sentence description. • Fantasy, Mythology, Clay, Slip/Score, Glaze


Spiral Plates or Bowls with Sarah Sweeney (Multiple Sessions)

Participants will learn about Sarah Sweeney’s ceramic mentor, Joyce Clancy, and hear about how her methods shaped Sarah’s approach to clay. After looking at images of Sarah’s work, students will create their own bowl or plate using coils and the “Joyce Clancy Method.” • Clay, Slip/Score, Mold


Pinch Pots/Containers with Sarah Sweeney (Multiple Sessions) 

This lesson sequence allows students to create a unique clay container to keep forever. By breaking down different clay techniques into basic exercises, students can learn to manipulate the material at their own pace. This lesson is a great way to introduce the material, or familiarize students to working with clay! • Clay, Pinch Pots, Containers


Vejigante Masks with Carlos Perez (Multiple Sessions) 

Students will create a Puerto Rican Vejigante mask out of clay. Groups will create from their imagination a mask that looks like a devilish animal, with horns and teeth and other fantastical features. It can be any animal, human, or both! (Program can be adapted to 1 Session using paper construction methods) • Mask, Vejigante, Puerto Rico


Golem Sculptures with Carlos Perez  (Multiple Sessions) 

Students will create a figure, known as a Golem, out of clay inspired by their own likeness! By combining human and non-human characteristics, students will use their imagination to build and glaze their sculptures before photographing the figures interacting with something in their surrounding environment. • Golem, Sculpture, Clay, Photograph


Family Trees with Ruth Burton

Participants will talk about the importance of families as well as how everyone’s family can look a little different. After, students will create a family tree out of clay using a simple stencil and basic hand-building techniques. • Family Tree, Stencil, Hand-Building, Clay, Diversity


Bird Wind Chimes with Ruth Burton (Multiple Sessions) 

Participants will construct ceramic bird wind chimes using unique bird-shaped cutting tools and hand-building techniques. Finished wind chimes are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. • Clay, Hand-Building, Wind Chime


Birdfeeders with Ruth Burton (Multiple Sessions)

Participants will construct ceramic bird feeders using a mold-making technique and basic hand-building skills. Finished birdfeeders are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. • Clay, Handbuilding


Flying Clay Butterflies with Linda Kunick (Multiple Sessions)

Students will become inspired by the work of Linda Kunick. Using a hand-made paper stencil, students will cut butterflies out of slabs of clay. Each student will think about symmetry, shape and pattern. After the butterfly has been fired, students will paint with watercolors. • Butterfly, Symmetrical, Pattern, Clay


Clay Land Masses with David Callahan (Multiple Sessions)

David Callahan is a landscape painter and sculptor. Oftentimes, his sculptures are a direct reflection of his paintings – Landmasses that could be considered a continuation of his 2-dimensional works. From volcanoes to mountains or prehistoric land details, these vessels grow organically. Students will create their own landmasses out of clay that will go towards a whole class installation. • Sculpture, Landmass, Clay


Face Jugs with JR Bradshaw (Multiple Sessions)

In this lesson, students will learn how to construct a small jug using the coil building method. They will then add handles and facial features to their vessel, resulting in their own unique face-jugs, inspired by JR’s work and other historical vessels. • Clay, Sculpture, Face Jug, Coils