Halloween Topper Set


There’s no limit to the treats you can decorate with these charming Halloween decorations. Illustrated by the one and only Leah Davis. Cupcake in photo courtesy of Happy Chicks Bakery on Hamilton Ave. in Cincinnati.


The work of Leah Davis reminds her viewer that love, as the old saying goes, is not always in the details. The simplicity of Leah’s iconic drawing style, a contemporary graphic approach to color, line, and arrangement, gives her visually demanding work a charming personality. Repetitive patterns of smiling fish, flying birds, and hungry giraffes command her compositions. Davis primarily works with 2-dimensional media such as acrylic, watercolor, and markers, but from time to time will transfer her signature style into hand-sewn pillows or paper mache and ceramic sculptures. Regardless of medium, her use of color is unwavering, naturally leaning toward cheerful hues in complementary color schemes.

Artwork ©2021 Leah Davis. All Rights Reserved.