Painting Workshops 2015-2016

All workshops are adaptable K-12 and beyond and can be brought to your classroom! Please contact Jamie Muenzer in the Education Department for program costs and more information.

Mix & Match Buildings with Tammy Smith

Through Tammy Smith’s work, explore Cincinnati architecture and the prominent buildings placed throughout the city, from Union Terminal to Music Hall! After discussing all the lines + shapes that can be found in the basic make-up of these buildings, choose 2 to combine to create a new and unique building. Using shades of gray + white on black canvas, students will paint in the style of Tammy Smith.  Architecture, Shades, Line, Shape


Seeing Galaxies with Tammy Smith

Delve into the world of outer space discussing the stars and planets with Tammy as she shares her unique perspective on why she is inspired by the galaxies. Create and name your own galaxy painting using paint and canvas, finishing the piece with the “splatter” paint method. • Space, Galaxies, Splatter Method


Glow in the Dark with Diamond Snowden

Can you think of all the things in the natural world that glow — Bugs? The Sun? Lightening? Creatures under the sea? After brainstorming, we’ll look at work created by Visionaries + Voices artists in response to a group “Glow in the Dark” show. Then, create your own painting that glows under black light depicting something that GLOWS. • Glow, Light


Painting for Someone You Love or Miss with Candi Branham

Through investigating the idea of “missing”, Candi delves into the memory, experience, and relationship of the audience. This lesson allows students to visualize, understand, and demonstrate their relationships through the vehicle of paint in a safe place. Ultimately, students will create a painting that will physically represent that person or be sent to the person they miss.  Relationship, Memory, Experience


Peculiar Planets with Holly Ebel  (TV Fusion Creatures Extension)

After creating a new and unique creature (See TV Fusion Creatures), imagine the type of world it might inhabit. Investigate the qualities of planets in our own solar system as you develop a new stellar world! Paint your own unique planet on canvas, give it a name and write a 2-3 sentence explanation of its characteristics. • Planets, Characteristics, Solar System


Snakes Alive! with Kevin White

Reptiles, dinosaurs, and all things scaled inspire the work of mixed media artist, Kevin White. Translating these textures into patterns of dots and lines, Kevin’s paintings are brightly colored, full of life and usually exist on a recycled 2 or 3-dimensional form. Create your own abstract painting on recycled yard signs! • Recycle, Texture, Reptiles, Dots, Lines


Wonderful Flowers with Curtis Davis

Become inspired by the bright colors of blooms that mark the coming of spring! Explore the paintings of Curtis Davis, and observe his use of thick paint and wide brushstrokes. After watching Curtis begin work on a new painting, create your own big, beautiful and vibrant flowers using acrylic and canvas. • Spring, Thick, Brushstroke, Seasons


My Hand in Stained Glass with Curtis Davis

Look at the paintings of Curtis Davis and discuss his use of thick paint and wide brushstrokes as well as the many layers of paint he applies to his work. After watching Curtis begin work on a new painting, students will use their own hands to create a pattern and divide their canvases into bold blocks of color to create stained glass “windows” using acrylic and canvas. • Stained Glass, Thick, Brushstroke


Landscapes with David Callahan

David Callahan is a painter whose landscapes are fanciful and lighthearted. He creates these worlds from his imagination, adding familiar elements such as birds, trees and mountains. Students will paint their own whimsical landscapes on a wooden panel, pulling inspiration from places they’ve been or places they’d like to go. • Landscape, Imagination, Horizon Line