Nick Kraft’s work is deeply influenced by the people and life events surrounding him.  The passing of his grandfather in 2018 in particular, became a strong catalyst for painting.  Nick’s creative process allows him to celebrate the artistic bond he shared with his grandfather.   The surface of the painting is laid flat on the table and starting on the edge, he slowly works his way around the image adding forms in a linear spiral path until stopping in the center.  Nick’s work relies on vibrant colors, shapes, brush strokes and detailed patterns. Through the process, other artists in the studio can collaborate on small areas in this progression. He does not paint to represent one particular idea, but rather to encourage others to be comfortable feeling vulnerable while expressing themselves.  Nick’s openness to collaboration and change in color palate have pushed this new body of work into wonderful meditations and collections of moments.

Top row: Original pieces by Nick Kraft

Bottom row (from left to right): Collaboration with Elena Jordan-Keller, Collaboration with Elena Jordan-Keller and Drew Yackscoe