Mixed Media + Collage Workshops 2015-2016

All workshops are adaptable K-12 and beyond and can be brought to your classroom! Please contact Jamie Muenzer jmuenzer@visionariesandvoices.com in the Education Department for program costs and more information.


My Own Words with Jennifer Crowe

Groups will journal in stream of consciousness form using white oil pastel, writing down memories, facts or the first thing that comes to mind. In doing this, students will be exploring how text can be used as a form of visual art. After writing, students will expose the white crayon using a watercolor wash. • Stream of Consciousness, Text, Resist


Kaleidoscope Collage with Jennifer Crowe

Create a unique collage in the style of artist, Jennifer Crowe. Fill entire sheets of paper with bright colors or text and then tear them up to mix + match in an entirely new composition. Students will explore why and how pieces of art can become precious and explore what it feels like to take something and turn it to something new. • Collage, Abstract


Collagraph Printmaking with Jennifer Crowe (Multiple sessions)

Create textural abstract prints using textured recycled materials! Students will make their own plate, become familiar with the steps of printmaking, and ultimately create identical multiples that can be kept, traded, or given away. Participants can be newcomers or professionals to printmaking. • Texture, Abstract, Printmaking, Collagraph


Shoe Printmaking with Lamar Madison (Multiple Sessions) 

Learn about printmaking with Lamar! Students will learn about observation and relief printing in this lesson. Students draw the shoes they are wearing on Styrofoam plates, then use brayers and trays to transfer the ink. This can be taught as one or more lessons to diverse age groups and abilities! • Print Making, Shoes, Reproduction


Geometric Musical Forms with Diamond Snowden

Students will create an abstract collage based off of music and sound. Students will think about how sound can affect color, shape and line. Then, using brightly colored papers cut abstract + geometric forms to create a unified composition on painted canvas board. • Geometric, Abstract, Collage, Composition


Extraterrestrial Embroidery with Holly Ebel (Multiple Sessions)

Participants will investigate Holly’s artwork and identify her use and love of characters from science fiction literature and movies. After hearing what inspires Holly, students will create their own design on muslin and then use embroidery techniques to stitch in color! • Embroidery, Stitch, Cross Stitch


Stained Glass Zentangles with Neil Dignan

Explore the meditative drawing method of Zentangles with artist, Neil Dignan. Neil’s intricate drawings sprawl out over everyday objects, from cups to chairs to plates and skateboards. Using repetitive lines and shapes, create a stained glass piece using glass, paint markers + sharpies. • Zentangles, Meditation, Pattern, Repetition


ABCs: Assembling, Building, and Composition

Re-think space and flow with Kevin White. Based on the artist’s own practice, Kevin paints recycled items to create 3D sculptures and compositions that mimic cityscapes, animals, or abstract patterns. Using cardboard, drawing materials, and colorful tape, participants will build their own 3D compositions. • Assemblage, Composition, 3D


Nature Mobiles with Ruth Burton

Traditionally a ceramic artist, Ruth will teach participants to use twigs, pipe cleaners, and found objects to make mobiles and sculptures inspired by her love of nature. • Mobile, Nature, Found Objects