John Nusekabel brings a fresh point of view to geometric abstraction. Using drafting tools John carefully partitions his composition into blocks, filling in the solid color with the fine point of a marker or pen. The quality that distinguishes his work from typical pieces within this genre is the fine texture that John’s thorough mark making generates. The back and forth, crosshatched effect of the drawing device softens the sharpness of the angles and gives the pictures a lush surface. Books also play an important role in John’s work. Frequently John carefully replicates text from volumes and hymnals, breathing new life into the copied words with his elaborate handwriting. Sometimes passages within books are blocked out with a thick layer of graphite, resulting in sharp geometric forms interspersed with sentences. Using the eraser end of the pencil as much as the point, John meticulously removes any stray lines. This alters the surface of his work, softening the paper and adding shaded values to his finished pieces. John is a man of many talents and interests. An accomplished actor, dancer and sportsman, John takes his work seriously and immerses himself in each endeavor. John’s work has been shown at Art Beyond Boundaries, The Carnegie and other venues in Cincinnati.