To paraphrase an old stock market adage, “buy low and donate high.”

With stock market indexes at or near all time highs, Visionaries + Voices’ friends and benefactors now have a great opportunity to do something special for V+V with a gift of appreciated securities.   It is a relatively easy process and can provide tax benefits to donors and be a big help to V+V in its efforts to be relevant, solvent and evolving. Here is how it works:

  1. Identify stocks held for more than one year which now have market values that exceed your cost basis.
  2. Have your broker/financial advisor electronically transfer the securities to V+V’s account at:

LPL Financial


Account #7858-8845

DTC # 0075

  1. LPL will sell the securities upon receipt and forward the proceeds to V+V’s bank account.
  2. V+V will issue an acknowledgment of the gift including the value of the gift calculated as follows:

The average of the high and low trades on the date of transfer multiplied by the number of shares donated. Example: A gift of 50 shares of XYZ Co. is donated to V+V. On the date of the transfer, the high trade was $51 and the low trade was $49 for an average of $50. The value of the gift is $2,500–$50 x 50 shares.

  1. Please call V+V to advise of us your gift; this will expedite the acknowledgment process.

Jim Neidhard
Director of Development and Finance

Please do not sell the appreciated stock with the intention of giving V+V the proceeds as you will incur a capital gains tax. 

Donating appreciated securities can be done year round, but the time never has been better because of the current market.  Please call Jim Neidhard at the above number if you have any questions.