Exclusive Interview with Double Vision collaborators — Brian K. Dooley and Amy Minham.
Missy D’Angelo

How long have each of you been participating in Double Vision?
Minham: For Brian I would say at least 8 years, I’ve been doing it for four years.

Is this your first year partnering?
Minham: This is our second year partnering together.

Could you provide a description of your piece for Double Vision?
Minham: We’ve been drawing women in art history and pop culture. Knowing Dooley he’s always loved drawing women, so we kind of went with that theme, women in art history so it’s a little bit more chilled out.

Are you both enjoying the process?
Minham: Are you having fun with this? 
Dooley: Yeah.
Minham: Yeah, Dooley is a really fast worker, so he only wants to work for a few minutes at a time. It’s interesting because that’s how we’re different because he’s a really fast worker and I’m more like “oh, let’s take our time,” so it’s an interesting dynamic.

Why do you think DV is important?
Minham: It’s such a great event to bring the Cincinnati art community as a whole together to celebrate the folks at V+V and outsider art and making it more normalized in the contemporary art world. It’s always such a fun event to see everyone at V+V there, everyone is always so excited to show the world their work or the community their work, so it’s really nice to see everyone pumped… Nothing compares to DV pumped, that’s next level… It’s a great chance for everyone to get recognition. We have artists here that are a really big part of the  Cincinnati art community in general, but folks who don’t get as much recognition or opportunities have a chance to show the Cincinnati art community what they do, which is amazing.

What’s your favorite part of Double Vision?
Minham: Nothing beats the live auction, just the energy and the excitement from everyone is just so great. What about you Dooley, do you like the live auction?
Dooley: Yeah.
Minham: Yeah.

Exclusive Interview with long-time Double Vision collaborators — Curtis Davis and Robert McFate.
Missy D’Angelo
How long have you been participating in Double Vision?
McFate: (My) first year was 7 or 8 years ago… I first met Curtis because I did TAP (Teaching Artist Program) with him, I came over here and got involved with the TAP program, my wife and I had just moved to town, and we were living in Clifton here and did the program with him. Then Double Vision came along and the first year we did Wonderful Flower, a big painting with two hands… So seven years, this will be (my) seventh.
And then this is you two’s fourth year partnering for Double Vision?
McFate: Four times with Curtis, yup.
Could you provide a description of your piece for Double Vision?
Davis: It’s up in the gallery, man.
McFate: It’s a painting on a canvas… and, remember what the artwork was Curtis?
Davis: Hmm wait a minute, let me think, don’t tell, it was a cat. It was a cat!
McFate: So we did a big cat, limited colors… the painting is scarlet, magenta, blue and white.
Why do you think Double Vision is important?
Davis: Because it’s just wonderful.
McFate: It’s just wonderful because of the community, it’s just amazing you know, to see it in full… The whole thing is awesome, big stage, big crowd, the whole thing. It’s great. That’s why we want to do it each year.
What’s your favorite part of Double Vision?
McFate: I enjoy the bar and I sometimes enjoy some of the snacks… and then too seeing everyone dressed up… everyone’s out there on the same playing field.
Davis: Everything.