David Callahan is a painter who works consistently from painting to painting, expressing a new story each time. David’s subject matter is inspired by the intensity of his dreams and his vibrant imagination. Within each of his works figures, faces, homes, trees, and other living objects are hidden and/or revealed in layers of color. The most common characteristics of his paintings are a vibrant palette and a unique use of space within the compositions. Landscape is a frequent subject matter. Though essentially traditional landscapes, David’s unexpected color choices and scale shifts push his compositions toward abstraction. More recently, David has been realizing his forms in ceramic. By disengaging those shapes from their grounding, David is able to create endless combinations of natural and animal forms. David has kept a studio with Visionaries + Voices for over 10 years. Callahan’s work has been shown in a number of galleries in and around Cincinnati. His paintings are featured within several private collections, and his first retrospective will be held in August of 2015 at the V+V Northside Gallery.