Brian Dooley started making art early in 2006. Since then he has flourished as a painter, sculptor, carpenter, jeweler, and illustrator. Almost any object has the potential to become art in Brian’s hands. His inspirations vary, but whatever the source of inception Brian renders his subject skillfully. Whether forming a piece of clay into the body of Abraham Lincoln, painting a portrait from life or duplicating illustrations of Anime characters, Brian adeptly records observed details. His subjects are broad in scope, ranging from frivolous and wooly plush creatures to his somber studies in mortality. Exploring a topic such as death through his artwork, he often creates an astonishing variety of objects. Caskets are shaped from legos, popsicle sticks and clay. A small cemetery gradually takes form as Brian honors fallen pets with scrap wood crosses and solemn burial services. Similar explorations into the subject of money have resulted in large paintings, pillows and photocopied dollar bills. No matter the theme, Brian works with focus and persistence to finish a project.