V+V expands opportunities for artists who have an interest in teaching, speaking and public leadership positions in the field of visual art. The Teaching Artist Program [TAP] supports those goals, while offering the community opportunities to learn about art from a unique perspective. V+V artists who complete TAP courses bring lesson plans to classrooms, community centers, and partnering organizations all over greater Cincinnati. Each artist develops their own lesson plans customized to benefit students of all ages and abilities.

All programs are adaptable K-12 and beyond and can be brought to your classroom! Please contact Marion mcosgroverauch@visionariesandvoices.com in the Education Department for more information.

Painting Workshops 2015-2016

All workshops are adaptable K-12 and beyond and can be brought to your classroom! 

Mix & Match Buildings with Tammy Smith

Through Tammy Smith’s work, explore Cincinnati architecture and the prominent buildings placed throughout the city, from Union Terminal to Music Hall! After discussing all the lines + shapes that can be found in the basic make-up of these buildings, choose 2 to combine to create a new and unique building. Using shades of gray + white on black canvas, students will paint in the style of Tammy Smith.  Architecture, Shades, Line, Shape


Seeing Galaxies with Tammy Smith

Delve into the world of outer space discussing the stars and planets with Tammy as she shares her unique perspective on why she is inspired by the galaxies. Create and name your own galaxy painting using paint and canvas, finishing the piece with the “splatter” paint method. • Space, Galaxies, Splatter Method


Glow in the Dark with Diamond Snowden

Can you think of all the things in the natural world that glow — Bugs? The Sun? Lightening? Creatures under the sea? After brainstorming, we’ll look at work created by Visionaries + Voices artists in response to a group “Glow in the Dark” show. Then, create your own painting that glows under black light depicting something that GLOWS. • Glow, Light


Painting for Someone You Love or Miss with Candi Branham

Through investigating the idea of “missing”, Candi delves into the memory, experience, and relationship of the audience. This lesson allows students to visualize, understand, and demonstrate their relationships through the vehicle of paint in a safe place. Ultimately, students will create a painting that will physically represent that person or be sent to the person they miss.  Relationship, Memory, Experience


Peculiar Planets with Holly Ebel  (TV Fusion Creatures Extension)

After creating a new and unique creature (See TV Fusion Creatures), imagine the type of world it might inhabit. Investigate the qualities of planets in our own solar system as you develop a new stellar world! Paint your own unique planet on canvas, give it a name and write a 2-3 sentence explanation of its characteristics. • Planets, Characteristics, Solar System


Snakes Alive! with Kevin White

Reptiles, dinosaurs, and all things scaled inspire the work of mixed media artist, Kevin White. Translating these textures into patterns of dots and lines, Kevin’s paintings are brightly colored, full of life and usually exist on a recycled 2 or 3-dimensional form. Create your own abstract painting on recycled yard signs! • Recycle, Texture, Reptiles, Dots, Lines


Wonderful Flowers with Curtis Davis

Become inspired by the bright colors of blooms that mark the coming of spring! Explore the paintings of Curtis Davis, and observe his use of thick paint and wide brushstrokes. After watching Curtis begin work on a new painting, create your own big, beautiful and vibrant flowers using acrylic and canvas. • Spring, Thick, Brushstroke, Seasons


My Hand in Stained Glass with Curtis Davis

Look at the paintings of Curtis Davis and discuss his use of thick paint and wide brushstrokes as well as the many layers of paint he applies to his work. After watching Curtis begin work on a new painting, students will use their own hands to create a pattern and divide their canvases into bold blocks of color to create stained glass “windows” using acrylic and canvas. • Stained Glass, Thick, Brushstroke


Landscapes with David Callahan

David Callahan is a painter whose landscapes are fanciful and lighthearted. He creates these worlds from his imagination, adding familiar elements such as birds, trees and mountains. Students will paint their own whimsical landscapes on a wooden panel, pulling inspiration from places they’ve been or places they’d like to go. • Landscape, Imagination, Horizon Line

Drawing Workshops 2015-2016

All workshops are adaptable K-12 and beyond and can be brought to your classroom! 


Drawing with Emotion with Rosalind Bush

Students will think about an experience in their life when they’ve felt a strong emotion, any emotion, good or bad. After writing down a sentence or two describing the experience and the emotion students will use color, shape and line to create a chalk drawing that best expresses that emotion. • Emotion, Experience, Color, Expression


TV Fusion Creatures with Holly Ebel

Students will choose 3+ of their favorite T.V./Movie/Book characters and 1 or 2 characteristics from each. Students will combine those characters and their characteristics into a new unique creature. Fusion Creatures will be finished using watercolor pencils. • Fantasy, Fusion, Creature


Self-Portraits with Lamar Madison

Students will explore portraits and self-portraits in many different mediums as a form of personal expression. Mirrors and each other will be used as reference to create a self-portrait using oil pastel and watercolor. Students may then embellish their portraits in the style of Lamar Madison using sequins, glitter and gems. • Self-Portrait, Features, Characteristics


What’s your style? with Nikki Martin

Using Nikki’s clothing line, House of Nikki, as inspiration students will draw their own original fashion designs. Magazines, runways shows and Nikki’s work will inspire the students to create everything from ready-to-wear looks to costume. Materials will range from marker to watercolor pencil. • Style, Fashion, Design


Wild + Wacky Backgrounds with Neil Dignan

Students will draw a stylized portrait or self-portrait trying to capture their “essence” rather than reality. The backgrounds will be filled with exaggerated forms that frame the figure as the focal point, similar to Neil’s “The Lorax” inspired backdrops. • Zentangle, Pattern, Repetition, Meditation


Zentangle Animals with Neil Dignan

Explore the meditative drawing method of Zentangles that Neil Dignan has adopted into almost all of his work. Using repetitive lines and shapes, create a stained glass piece that is enveloped by detailed pattern using sharpie and paint markers. • Zentangle, Pattern, Repetition, Meditation


Memory Maps with Braxton Thomas

Students will look at the map work of Braxton Thomas while comparing and contrasting various maps. Students will explore maps as a form of visual art and discuss what they are used for. Students will create a memory map of a place they’ve been, want to go or have made up. • Memory Map, Maps


Family Trees with Ruth Burton (adapted)

Participants will talk about the importance of families as well as how everyone’s family can look a little different. After looking at how Ruth incorporates family into her work, students will create a family tree using sharpie and watercolor paint.• Family Tree, Watercolor, Diversity


Tattoo Design with Jacqueline Fisher

Participants will observe the intricate line drawings of Jacqueline Fisher and discuss her many influences including: tattoos, hair, flames, and art nouveau patterns. Participants will explore Jackie’s methodical process by creating their own drawings using pencils, sharpie markers, and mat board. (Program can be adapted using contact paper, tissue paper and black cardstock to make stained glass.) • Pattern, Line, Abstract


Faces of History with Chaz Anderson

Chaz Anderson is drawn to faces throughout time that have impacted history, King Tut to Martin Luther King, Jr. Using a variety of canvases, from recycled cardboard to canvas, students will learn how to create a gridded portrait and manipulate oil pastels. • Portrait, Historical Figure, Grid


Butterflies with Linda Kunick

Linda Kunick, also known as “The Butterfly Lady” is drawn to the transformative nature of butterflies, incorporating them into almost all of her artwork. After discussing butterflies and looking at Linda’s bright, bold creations, students will embrace the idea of “chance”, pulling out random crayons from a concealed bag. These crayons will be used to draw butterflies while thinking about pattern, shape and color. • Cocoons, Metamorphosis, Transformation


Abstract Drawings with David Callahan

David Callahan is a painter whose landscapes are fanciful and lighthearted. First, he creates detailed sketches whose elements ebb and flow throughout his paintings. From abstract shapes that appear as mountains to birds and cacti, these drawings are created with distinct purpose. Students will create their own abstract drawing focusing on shape and color palette. • Abstract, Sketch, Color Palette


Animals in their Natural Habitat with Aaron Ringeisen

The illustrations of Aaron Ringeisen are bright, boxy, and bold. The artist’s unmistakable drawing style is uniquely simplistic and minimalist as he reduces his subject to colorblocked, nearly geometric forms. Much of his work revolves around his passion for animals and animal conservation. Talk about a variety of different animals and their natural habitats before choosing your own to illustrate! • Animals, Habitat, Conservation


Saving Our Animal Friends with Aaron Ringeisen

Many animals have become extinct due to the carelessness of humans. Many are on the verge of becoming extinct, as well. This project will teach students the importance of conservation and what can be done to save our endangered animal friends. • Animals, Habitat, Conservation


History of Animals Through Art: The Intuit’s & Kwakwala’s with Aaron Ringeisen

In this activity, explore human relationships with animals as reflected through art history. Investigate the style and spirit of the Kwakwala or Inuit tribe in North America. Through choosing an animal and drawing it in either the Inuit or Kwakwala way, students will learn about other cultures and pay homage to our animal friends. • Animals, Habitat, Conservation, Intuit, Kwakwala


Flying Machines with Kathy Brannigan

Kathleen Brannigan’s psychedelic stream of consciousness drawings crash Shel Silverstein playfulness with the mechanical detail of an airplane engineer. Students will learn about the kinds of things that fly as well as the parts that make them up, from the engine to the cockpit. After brainstorming, students will create their own unique flying machines using sharpie + watercolor. • Flying Machine, Watercolor, Imagination


Setting the Scene: From Scissor Girl to Mind Melder with Jon Klosterman

Students will develop their own Superhero or Villain through the creation of a Comic Strip Storyboard. Using Blue Line Pro Comic paper, students will set the scene through the development of characters, dialogue and other supporting imagery! • Character Development, Story Board, Inking


Art Magazines with Andrew Hostick

Students will look at the work of Andrew Hostick and discuss his process of working from the observation of images in art magazines. Students will select ANY image in an arts publication that jumps out at them and through emulation and appropriation, make a recreation that’s their own. • Appropriation, Emulation, Observation


Still Life with Andrew Hostick

Students will look at still life drawings by Andrew and learn the reasons why they appear so often in his work, as well as make observations on their style. After looking at a classic still life image chosen by Andrew, students will collaboratively build a 3-dimensional still life. Students will then choose an angle and draw what they see focusing on SHAPE and COLOR and finish with colored pencils. • Still Life, Shape, Color, 3D


Book of Likes with Greg Geist

Learn about the passions and interest of artist Greg Geist: from Dragon Ball Z and Comics to Ancient Greek Mythology and Egyptian Symbolism. Greg compiles his ‘likes’ through detailed drawings that fill 350-page loose leaf paper notebooks. Using only a pencil and fine tip sharpie, students will create their own book of likes. • Drawing, Sketching, Personal Interests


Food + Drink with Cathrine Whited

Cathrine Whited uses lists, titled: “What’s in my fridge?” or “Things that make up a sandwich”, as jumping points for her drawings. Creating series of graphic objects using pencil and colored pencil, Cathrine categorizes everyday things from sneakers, to lunch meat to christmas lights. Students will create a series of 3-objects of their choosing using colored pencil. • Graphic, Illustration, Series 

Sculpture Workshops 2015-2016

All workshops are adaptable K-12 and beyond and can be brought to your classroom! 


Animal Miniatures with Rosalind Bush

Students will learn about the papier-mâché work of Rosalind Bush and create their own sculpture using colored masking tape, aluminum foil and sharpies. By modifying the materials, students can create their own animal sculptures that resemble papier-mâché without the mess! • Sculpture, 3D, Paper Mache


Celluclay Fusion Animals with Holly Ebel (Multiple Sessions)

Tiger-fish? Cat-snakes? Dino-dogs? Holly Ebel stretches our ideas of what is possible with this sci-fi lesson. Studentsimagine two or more animal combination creations and then form, paint, and create sculptures using pulp-papier-mâché or Celluclay. • Fantasy, Animals, Sculptures


Super Soft Sculptures with Candi Branham

Students will create a soft sculpture in the style of Candi Branham, an artist who meticulously cuts out tiny pieces of fabric to use as her stuffing. Explore all the different materials that can be used to make something three dimensional and experiment with felt and fabric. • Soft Sculpture, Fiber Art


Papier-mâché Buildings with Diamond Snowden (Multiple Sessions)

Build a cityscape with Diamond Snowden! This lesson is inspired by Diamond Snowden’s passion for architecture, buildings, spaces, and places. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively during the material explorations, and ultimately create buildings that will contribute towards a collective cityscape. Participants can be newcomers or professionals to papier-mâché! • Architecture, Buildings, Collaboration


Fantasy Creatures with Sarah Sweeney (Multiple Sessions)

Students will create fantasy creatures out of clay using their imaginations, applying real and mythological characteristics. After these creatures are bisque fired and glazed, students will give their creatures a title as well as a 2-3 sentence description. • Fantasy, Mythology, Clay, Slip/Score, Glaze


Spiral Plates or Bowls with Sarah Sweeney (Multiple Sessions)

Participants will learn about Sarah Sweeney’s ceramic mentor, Joyce Clancy, and hear about how her methods shaped Sarah’s approach to clay. After looking at images of Sarah’s work, students will create their own bowl or plate using coils and the “Joyce Clancy Method.” • Clay, Slip/Score, Mold


Pinch Pots/Containers with Sarah Sweeney (Multiple Sessions) 

This lesson sequence allows students to create a unique clay container to keep forever. By breaking down different clay techniques into basic exercises, students can learn to manipulate the material at their own pace. This lesson is a great way to introduce the material, or familiarize students to working with clay! • Clay, Pinch Pots, Containers


Vejigante Masks with Carlos Perez (Multiple Sessions) 

Students will create a Puerto Rican Vejigante mask out of clay. Groups will create from their imagination a mask that looks like a devilish animal, with horns and teeth and other fantastical features. It can be any animal, human, or both! (Program can be adapted to 1 Session using paper construction methods) • Mask, Vejigante, Puerto Rico


Golem Sculptures with Carlos Perez  (Multiple Sessions) 

Students will create a figure, known as a Golem, out of clay inspired by their own likeness! By combining human and non-human characteristics, students will use their imagination to build and glaze their sculptures before photographing the figures interacting with something in their surrounding environment. • Golem, Sculpture, Clay, Photograph


Family Trees with Ruth Burton

Participants will talk about the importance of families as well as how everyone’s family can look a little different. After, students will create a family tree out of clay using a simple stencil and basic hand-building techniques. • Family Tree, Stencil, Hand-Building, Clay, Diversity


Bird Wind Chimes with Ruth Burton (Multiple Sessions) 

Participants will construct ceramic bird wind chimes using unique bird-shaped cutting tools and hand-building techniques. Finished wind chimes are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. • Clay, Hand-Building, Wind Chime


Birdfeeders with Ruth Burton (Multiple Sessions)

Participants will construct ceramic bird feeders using a mold-making technique and basic hand-building skills. Finished birdfeeders are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. • Clay, Handbuilding


Flying Clay Butterflies with Linda Kunick (Multiple Sessions)

Students will become inspired by the work of Linda Kunick. Using a hand-made paper stencil, students will cut butterflies out of slabs of clay. Each student will think about symmetry, shape and pattern. After the butterfly has been fired, students will paint with watercolors. • Butterfly, Symmetrical, Pattern, Clay


Clay Land Masses with David Callahan (Multiple Sessions)

David Callahan is a landscape painter and sculptor. Oftentimes, his sculptures are a direct reflection of his paintings – Landmasses that could be considered a continuation of his 2-dimensional works. From volcanoes to mountains or prehistoric land details, these vessels grow organically. Students will create their own landmasses out of clay that will go towards a whole class installation. • Sculpture, Landmass, Clay


Face Jugs with JR Bradshaw (Multiple Sessions)

In this lesson, students will learn how to construct a small jug using the coil building method. They will then add handles and facial features to their vessel, resulting in their own unique face-jugs, inspired by JR’s work and other historical vessels. • Clay, Sculpture, Face Jug, Coils

Mixed Media + Collage Workshops 2015-2016

All workshops are adaptable K-12 and beyond and can be brought to your classroom! 


My Own Words with Jennifer Crowe

Groups will journal in stream of consciousness form using white oil pastel, writing down memories, facts or the first thing that comes to mind. In doing this, students will be exploring how text can be used as a form of visual art. After writing, students will expose the white crayon using a watercolor wash. • Stream of Consciousness, Text, Resist


Kaleidoscope Collage with Jennifer Crowe

Create a unique collage in the style of artist, Jennifer Crowe. Fill entire sheets of paper with bright colors or text and then tear them up to mix + match in an entirely new composition. Students will explore why and how pieces of art can become precious and explore what it feels like to take something and turn it to something new. • Collage, Abstract


Collagraph Printmaking with Jennifer Crowe (Multiple sessions)

Create textural abstract prints using textured recycled materials! Students will make their own plate, become familiar with the steps of printmaking, and ultimately create identical multiples that can be kept, traded, or given away. Participants can be newcomers or professionals to printmaking. • Texture, Abstract, Printmaking, Collagraph


Shoe Printmaking with Lamar Madison (Multiple Sessions) 

Learn about printmaking with Lamar! Students will learn about observation and relief printing in this lesson. Students draw the shoes they are wearing on Styrofoam plates, then use brayers and trays to transfer the ink. This can be taught as one or more lessons to diverse age groups and abilities! • Print Making, Shoes, Reproduction


Geometric Musical Forms with Diamond Snowden

Students will create an abstract collage based off of music and sound. Students will think about how sound can affect color, shape and line. Then, using brightly colored papers cut abstract + geometric forms to create a unified composition on painted canvas board. • Geometric, Abstract, Collage, Composition


Extraterrestrial Embroidery with Holly Ebel (Multiple Sessions)

Participants will investigate Holly’s artwork and identify her use and love of characters from science fiction literature and movies. After hearing what inspires Holly, students will create their own design on muslin and then use embroidery techniques to stitch in color! • Embroidery, Stitch, Cross Stitch


Stained Glass Zentangles with Neil Dignan

Explore the meditative drawing method of Zentangles with artist, Neil Dignan. Neil’s intricate drawings sprawl out over everyday objects, from cups to chairs to plates and skateboards. Using repetitive lines and shapes, create a stained glass piece using glass, paint markers + sharpies. • Zentangles, Meditation, Pattern, Repetition


ABCs: Assembling, Building, and Composition

Re-think space and flow with Kevin White. Based on the artist’s own practice, Kevin paints recycled items to create 3D sculptures and compositions that mimic cityscapes, animals, or abstract patterns. Using cardboard, drawing materials, and colorful tape, participants will build their own 3D compositions. • Assemblage, Composition, 3D


Nature Mobiles with Ruth Burton

Traditionally a ceramic artist, Ruth will teach participants to use twigs, pipe cleaners, and found objects to make mobiles and sculptures inspired by her love of nature. • Mobile, Nature, Found Objects