Not just any Art. Not just any Art Studio.

The staff at Visionaries + Voices (V+V) extends its best wishes for a safe holiday season.  To say that each of our lives has been seriously impacted by Covid-19 this year is an understatement.  We share your anxieties and endeavor to earn your support as we strive to keep our V+V artist community connected in a time of social isolation.

We need your help to stay connected to the 130+ artists who rely on V+V.

As you may know, V+V furloughed its employees, and our studio programs were shut down for three months, from April through June, 2020. Upon opening our studios again in July, we quickly realized that returning in-person was not an option for all our artists. Working alongside Hamilton County DDS, we have been able to provide daily virtual services using an online platform. Each day, from 10am-12pm, V+V staff greet artists from behind the safety of our computer screens to engage in art making together despite being physically apart.  Additionally, V+V artists have the option to request art supplies and have them delivered to their homes at no additional cost to them.  

We estimate a direct cost of $25 per artist for each hour of virtual services.

Even with the introduction of virtual sessions, some artists remain completely isolated due to funding issues. Please consider a year-end gift in any amount to help us reach our secluded artists and continue serving the individuals who can attend in person.  Our studios in Northside and Tri-County are operating at ¼ their normal capacity to align with safety protocols.  Reduced attendance results in reduced income from our Ohio DDS resources.  Furthermore, revenue from our annual fundraiser, Double Vision, was drastically impacted and generated just 36% of the prior year total. Your donation is critical to keep our studios running in 2020-2021. Thank you for your help!

Please donate today to keep artists with disabilities creating and fulfilled.

With Gratitude,

Robyn Winkler, Executive Director