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In 2020, attendance dropped to 25% of pre-COVID numbers. We are now on an upward trend and hired 2 new full-time studio coordinators. We follow all appropriate guidelines to ensure safety, and have several artists participate in virtual studio remotely.

Many of the artists that attend the studio have a Medicaid waiver that covers their cost of attendance. Waivers are not available for everyone, so some artists do not have the funds to attend and pay out of pocket. Donors can provide scholarships to give these artists hours at the studio and help pay for their art supplies. $50 sponsors 1 day


Throughout 2020-21 TAP (Teaching Artist Program) completed training for 3 additional V+V artists, adult artists with disabilities who will now have employment in community outreach through teaching school-aged children.
The program lasted 20 weeks, and the new teaching artists graduated this fall, September of 2021.
TAP artists and staff engaged with 6 local children and their families through V+V’s flagship Summer Art Camp, which met 5 days per week for two weeks, and, although small, was wildly successful. Camp will be expanded to 8 week offerings in 2022. 
TAP artists made bi-monthly presentations at Summit Country Day, to over 100 students in Kindergarten and 6th grade.
Many public schools have experienced budget cuts for arts enrichment. Donors can provide funding to bring V+V art programs to local schools without the financial means to afford. Please donate today.

In-person exhibitions are back—including the beloved HOLLY DAZED on Friday, December 3, 5–8 pm in our Northside location — 3841 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223. Most exhibits are averaging 25% of pre-COVID spectators. The pandemic has been so isolating for our community…We miss you! 
Supporters can help by buying original art. V+V artists receive a generous commission, and you can get a one-of-a-kind creation with a profound story!


Art licensing enables V+V artists to earn royalties and build professional relationships with area creatives. It’s a win-win for all! 
Shop for artist-inspired merch in our on-line store, in person at our two studio locations and during exhibition openings and gallery hours.