Amy Hayden is a mixed media artist that translates her personal experiences within the world using various mediums. Her use of abstraction through geometric patterns, repetition, and especially color are utilized as an outward expression of her inner self: her emotions and thoughts within the moment. Her artwork is able to convey a sense of lively optimism and hope through her active line work and compositions, which captivates the viewer upon engagement. Every mark has a deliberate place within Amy’s work and each mark speaks loudly and cohesively. Though the world around us is often changing, Amy is able to capture her feelings on paper so that they remain present, bold, and attentive through her artistic practice and execution. Amy has begun to take on a very active role in the Cincinnati community and is always working towards bringing art and happiness to those around her. She is currently partnering once a week with a local women’s shelter to lead workshops that empower women through art making and self-expression.